"The Story of eden.deeply"

As true sound fetishists, our output is now based on the idea of representing abstract and complex sonic structures and textures. In music, we are absolute autodidacts. We dont like to be limited to just one style - tracks from ambient, Dub Techno, trip hop to electro, experimental and minimal. We developed a strong drive to create our own style - and we started the process of transformation of emotions and feelings to sound waves (& samples) via computer or analog devices. Fractions of mood define stylistics and direction of the eden.deeply.work. The impurity of deep sound, techno forms and different experiments constitute our music. Eden.deeply.songs are short stories of love and despair, telling us moments of pure happiness as well as of sheer desperation. We used to create an emotional reality - dynamic and melancholic, extremely intense and exclusive at the same time. Over the years, our music has matured into a deep, sophisticated and highly emotional form of electronica.

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