If I Had A Hi Fi

if i had a hi fi is an electronic music producer living in the North East of England. He moved there to get awy from the City (ahhh fresh air & smiling faces!) five years ago after spending nearly 20 years of living & playing (hard) in London.

He started out his musical life as at the age of 14 as a Bass player, playing in many different bands of varying virtues (everything from Punk Rock to Reggae to Prog Rock) & degrees of success (not much). Many adventures & lots of fun though!

He first dabbled with electronic production in about 1992 after becoming infected by the Acid House, Rave and Techno scenes in London around that time. The UK Dub Reggae scene has also always been a massive influence (Who could forget Iration Steppas, Boomshakalacka & Aba-Shanti-I Soundclash nights in tiny railway arches!)

These early efforts at electronic production were attempted through the use of and an Amiga 500 with Noise Tracker, an Alesis HR-16 drum machine and a Fostex 8 track mixer & reel 2 reel tape recorder. He owned none of this equipment but was lucky enough to be let loose on it by his house mates & collaborators. The Bass still figured largley, as indeed it always will. He worked with these same guys for a couple of formative years until getting deeper into the dancefloor vibe (Detroit, Tresor, Weatherall, Lost, Orbital, The Orb, London Squat Parties & the ever present Dub scene) & becoming a DJ with a different collective.

This collective was responsible for some Seminal events (some very popular & others not! Seminal none the less) in London during the mid nineties until the Chaos that they willingly invoked caused them to self destruct...

Since then he has continued to learn his trade as a producer on a much more private & part time basis (work & all that,) occasionally venturing out to play at small events, prefering to do the partying that to contribute...

He had about five years away from music after moving away from London with his Wife to start a family. They now have two beautiful boys...

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