Hi Im Moonkay. Im 15, British but I live in Italy. I produce minimalist and acoustic style music. I began playing instruments at a very young age. At 5 I started playing the drums, 12 the piano and 13 the guitar and bass (which I taught myself). I first started using Ableton 3 years ago, but only started getting properly interested and realizing its full potential about a year ago. When I first began creating music using Ableton I only created electronic music, but slowly found that my tracks were more interesting when I added guitars and other instruments that were not only inside Ableton. When creating music, I like to try and mix electronic synths and Hip Hop beats with Acoustic piano and guitar melodies. I try and mix different musical elements and make them sound good together. I use a Roland midi keyboard when using synths through my computer, and then record the rest using my guitar, bass and piano.

Moonkay-Tracks on Soundcloud

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