Phantom-K (Kyle Donaldson) built  his first synthesizer when he was 17, and it cemented his long fascinination with the broad range of electronic music ever since. Currently living near the decidely mid-western town of St. Louis in the USA, he did most of his professional time as a musician in a variety of regional bands that eventually saw him as the singer (well...)and songwriter (on much more solid footing here...)of a handful of bands that played the "day's drive" college circuit.

Even though these groups were largely taditional four-piece rock units, his interests in electronic music and its prog rock and synth pop off-shoots were never abandonded. Eno, Todd Rundgren, Soft Cell, Gong, Yes, Steve Hillage, Kraftwerk, Kate Bush and the like all got their fair share of turntable time along side Neil Young, REM, Grateful Dead, roots riddims, and The Replacements.

But just as his days as a working musician were coming to a close, companies were beginning to deliver affordable electonic technologies that had once been far out of reach. As the nineties wore on, he became an an avid (digital) collector of Sphongle, System 7, The Orb, and Theivery Corp, amnong numerous others, while revsiting ealier electronic works--both pop and avant garde--he had overlooked. He also started collecing hardware.

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