Ivelin Iliev a.k.a. Protuberance was born in a town called Isperih - in the north east part of Bulgaria. Back in the early 90’s his first musical influence was old-school hip hop beats and more specifically bands like “House of Pain” and “Cypress Hill”. In the late 90’s he heard for the first time the band “The Prodigy”. At that time the techno wave in Bulgaria has begun to grow rapidly. The start of techno culture in Bulgaria marked his music passion for Electronic Music. 

He started to listen all kind of electronic music - Progressive Trance, Hardcore Techno,Experimental Electronic, IDM and Deep Ambient. The early works of The Prodigy, ChemicalBrothers, Orbital, Joshwink, Aphex Twin, FSOL, Autechre, has inspired him to become more than just a “Fan”. In early 2000 at age of 17 he started to organize  underground techno parties with his closest friends and mixing music has become more than just a hobby. He also created and produced deep and atmospheric sound soundscapes and tunes  -combined with hypnotic experimental Techno break-beats and IDM elements. His musical Idea is to combine and experiment with different kind of styles, creating his own recognizable and unique soundscape of space sound.

Anthololgy of the Sun
Protuberance - on Bandcamp

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