Transit Massacre

I've always loved music from a very early first introduction into electronic music was in 1983 at the age of 10 when I bought Streetsounds Electro 1 on vinyl. I was a massive fan of Hip Hop + Electro for most of my early teens until in I got into the Indie scene around 1987/88, then through the Indie/Dance crossover into the Acid House breakthrough.

Through the early 90’s I spent many a hazy night following the likes of Andrew Weatherall around the UK club scene until a good friend introduced me to “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” by Aphex Twin. This seminal album opened a whole new world of electronic music to me, and with the advent of the Oscillate nights in Birmingham in ’92/’93 (run by Bobby Bird of the Higher Intelligence Agency) I became hugely immersed in the Electronica/Ambient/Dub scene.

20 years on and I still draw influence from the dub-delay techniques that H.I.A used to overlay there Electronic tracks + live sets, and I guess as a result my own tracks cross multiple genres (Dub Basslines/Ambient Pads/DnB Breaks/Trance 303’s). I do this as a hobby…working full time and being a husband + father affords me little time to indulge myself in making music, but when I do get the time it is all the more special.

I hope you like my work, I’m relatively new to self-producing so I welcome all comments and feedback that makes me a little sharper and a little more polished.

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